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About us

A young firm, but already well equipped, its warehouse having direct access on the provincial road 225 of “Val Fontanabuona”, with a very large yard suitable for truck operations, which makes it very easy loading and unloading the boats from the trailers.

Inside the building there are two overhead cranes for each bay of 1.000 square meters. The cranes can lift up to 8 tons and are used to lift the smaller boats, and also to embark / disembark the engines for major overhauling.

This photo shows details of the loading / unloading ramp, which has been planned specifically to operate in maximum safety conditions, by using a motorized trailer built by ABI TRAILER S.R.L., while a boat is being unloaded.

In order to allow access to larger boats, up to 20 meters, a new, extra wide door has been opened, whose size is 5,80 x 5,80.